Where to Next? Nine destinations to visit in 2016

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It’s a big world out there, we know; so many places to see and such little time. So where to next? To help you with your new years travel planning, here's our definitive list of nine destinations you must visit in 2016. From the highest mountain in Africa to the islands off Cambodia, book your ticket now and thank us later. 

where to visit in 2016

#1 Islands in Cambodia

The Islands off the southern coast of Cambodia are changing, fast.

Those damn foreign investors have snapped up the pristine and underdeveloped islands and are slowly seeing to their destruction. In place of dense jungle and beautiful beaches will be casinos and golf courses, connected to the mainland by bridges. Not cool. 

If you want to enjoy beachside bungalows, white sandy beaches and turquoise waters without the crowds of Thailand, get here now before it's too late.

The Common Wanderer_Places to visit in 2016
The Common Wanderer_Places to visit in 2016

#2 Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro

Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro holds a mystical allure for most people (probably because it involves a glacier, in Africa), so why not make 2016 the year to challenge yourself and climb this icon.

Summiting the ‘Roof of Africa’ isn’t easy which makes it all the more rewarding when you do.

If you’re keen, read our hints and tips!


#3 Nepal, Post Earthquake

Devastated by the recent earthquake, Nepal is slowly rising from the rubble. It’s still struggling though, with fuel shortages the main issue for locals and tourists alike.

But tourism is the big player in rebuilding this country, so book a trip here and directly contribute to Nepal's recovery.

Intrepid Travel’s Intrepid Foundation will donate all proceeds from trips to Nepal until May to the Earthquake relief fund: happy feels all round.

The Common Wanderer_Places to visit in 2016
The Common Wanderer_Places to visit in 2016

#4 New Zealand

Iceland may get ALL the nature froth plaudits and rightly so, it is stunning. But New Zealand is criminally underestimated in our (not so) humble opinion. Firstly, it has two islands to explore full of diverse landscapes including mountains, fjords, rivers, valleys and beaches. Secondly, it’s Middle bloody Earth!

Now is the time to visit New Zealand while the dollar is relatively low and all the nature loving people are in Iceland

destinations to visit in 2016
destinations to visit in 2016

#5 Chill on the shores of Lake Malawi

Malawi may be one of the poorest countries on the planet, but what it lacks in economic prosperity it makes up for in happiness. The people are so genuinely happy to have visitors to their country that it makes for the most enjoyable time in this small, landlocked nation.

You’ll be smiling too when you make it to Lake Malawi. It’s beautiful, cheap and most importantly, still off the beaten track. Pharrell will be playing on repeat in your head months after visiting!


#6 Road Trip Tasmania

Tasmania was named as one of Lonely Planet’s top regions to visit in 2015. Okay, we know 2015 is a distant memory, but that doesn't dilute Tasmania’s awesomeness.

If you didn’t visit last year, make 2016 the year to visit little old Tassie and enjoy the pristine wilderness, culinary excellence and the coolest art gallery in Australia, MONA.


#7 Explore Botswana

The vision of countries in Africa as poor and violence ridden is long gone and the beacon of the ‘new’ Africa is Botswana. So much so that Lonely Planet have ranked it as the No.1 country to visit in 2016.

Safe, progressive and thriving, Botswana is home to an embarrassment of natural riches, including the Chobe National Park, which has one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa. In other words, if you want to see the big 5 without the Kruger crowds, visit here in 2016!

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#8 Hipster Latvia

Latvia might be a little known country in baltic Europe but this arts and culture hot spot is on the rise in 2016.

Riga is damn pretty, with art nouveau buildings on every corner in the ‘old town’. Then there are the bars with their traditional balsams and hip music. Make your way out of town and you’ll be pleasantly  surprised by how green this country is.

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#9 Magical Myanmar

Not next year, not the year after; now is the time to visit Myanmar. Why? The country is slowly modernising after being suppressed for many years, and once ‘off limits’ parts of the country are now open for business.

Forget the hustle and bustle of Thailand; to get a sense of the traditional ways of Asia before the inevitable changes arrive, book that ticket to Myanmar.

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Are any of the above destinations on your bucket list in 2016? Tell us where you're going in the comments below!